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Kirkurd and Newlands Parish Church of Scotland

Romanno Bridge, West Linton, EH46 7BZ


We are part of the Church of Scotland and the life of our Church revolves around our weekly Sunday worship.  Holy Communion is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of January, May and November. Other activities include Adventurers, the Guild and special events (such as an annual harvest supper).

What we believe

Our Kirk session consists of the Minister and about 12 elders of the congregation.  There is also an annual congregational meeting.

We try to inspire the people in the community with the Good News of Jesus Christ through lively worship, concern for others, nurturing people in their faith and serving the community.

Exploring our Faith

The minister is happy to meet with anyone who is interested in finding out about faith and church membership. Bible Study groups take place and these are open to all.

Kirk Session



Christmas Day


Ash Wednesday

Palm Sunday

Good Friday

Easter Day



Full Description

Thoughts from the Locum .....

One of loveliest Christian festivals is Candlemas, observed forty days after Christmas on 2nd February. Its origins lie in Luke, chapter 2, verses 22-38. There we read of Mary and Joseph, with the infant Jesus, visiting the temple to observe the prescribed rituals following childbirth. There they are greeted by the elderly priest, Simeon and prophetess Anna. Seeing the child, Simeon utters his famous song, the Nunc Dimittis, in which he proclaims Jesus to be a light to lighten the Gentiles and the glory of God’s people Israel. In the secular sphere Candlemas is one of the legal quarter days along with Whitsunday, Lammas and Martinmas. Perhaps you know the old weather rhyme:

If Candlemas Day be dry and fair, half the winter’s to come and mair;

If Candlemas day be wet and foul, half the winter’s gone at Yule.

On this basis, and after the recent snow, we’ll be hoping for a wet and windy Candlemas!

But Candlemas is not just about darkness and light; it is also about the past meeting the future. Simeon and Anna represent the prophets of old; Jesus represents a new day in which the glory of Israel becomes a light to lighten the Gentiles.

I am aware that past months have not been easy and gratefully acknowledge the work done by Rachel and Nancy over that period. I have known and admired them both for many years and am already enjoying working with Nancy who continues as locum.

As I take on the interim moderatorship my prayer is that that we may all move on together in the Candlemas spirit, confident that God will provide light for the journey.

Grace and peace be with us all,